Two more things

My much maligned forgiveness article is online at Yoga Journal now and you can find it here. (Wish it’d be online when the furor was actually happening so that people could have made their own decisions. Oh well!)

And my latest entry for is here.

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  1. Lovely article, just terrific. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. And Shiva Rhea? Being published in the same magazine as hers? You are my Madonna. Or my JLo. Or something. I just really love Shiva Rhea, and you too. Congratulations!

  2. Ahh, yes, the Slate article — I’d forgotten the exact text of the critique. I have to admit I found myself laughing as I read his article– it just seemed SO over-the-top insulting to you. It’s amazing how many things he could find to rip apart once he set his mind to it. Wow. I’m betting he’s got the mad skillz to rip apart anything — what kind of person cultivates that skill?
    It just made me wonder — if he was intending to write an article based on his title, wouldn’t he need more stories than just yours to criticize? And if he’s such a yogi, wouldn’t he have more compassion towards people in a different space then him? I am the anti-yogi, but even I have noticed time in my life when I’ve blown off someone’s experience on the premise that I had matured beyond that, only to find years later that I actually hadn’t matured TO that point yet.
    In any event, he’s obviously what the kids would call a ‘hater’. If he wasn’t, he would leave the personal attacks out of his work. But he left them in, no doubt for ratings, which is a-whole-nother type of hostile takeover of his writing.

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