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"Taking care is one way to show yourWe show people we love them by being there for them when they need us. We show up for big events. We drop off casseroles for sad ones. We meet them for coffee and listen. We can also show them that we love them by being vulnerable enough to let them do the same for us.

Many of us have grown up believing that we should do unto others but we don’t always get the message that we should also let them do unto us. Receiving help is hard. Asking for it is even harder. To be helped is to give up power. To be the one who is needy means we are the one who can be hurt.

We all know how good it can feel to be the one who is offering a hand to someone who needs it. To get to be that person — the helping person — is a privilege. That’s why in Judaism, accepting help is a mitzvah — a good deed with the ability to heal the world.

Perhaps then being vulnerable with others is one of the greatest acts of love we can offer.


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