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I went and got myself a smart phone so I can take credit cards in the office (thank you Square!) so I decided to try out this new-fangled Instagram the kids are doing. You can follow me here. The above is a picture of the sand tray after a play (versus a therapy — the child present in the office was not/is not a client) session. Those are Playmobil horses. The blue paint in the sand tray lets kids see the space as the whole world surrounded by sea and sky.

I’m still getting the hang of Square. It’s a little bit tricky and having a lower level (i.e., basement) office means my reception isn’t all that great. We tried sharing wifi with Gabe Howard on the third floor but it wouldn’t reach all the way down to me. So after thinking on it and comparing costs we decided our best bet was for Building Family Counseling to invest in an iPhone. Which also means I can now get texts, which is a whole new thing for me. (I’ll need to rewrite my social media policy!)

In any case, I can now take cash, checks AND credit cards for payment in the office. This will be much more convenient, I know!

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