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Peter Gabriel’s song, Digging in the Dirt, from his album Us is based on his experiences in therapy.

This is a live version of his song and I’m sharing it because the original video of the song, (which I’ll link to here) can freak out people who don’t like creepy-crawlies. I do think the original video does a good job of showing how when we are in pain, we often lash out at the people around us.

If you do watch the original, I’m curious — do you think the little boy he burns by pouring the coffee wrong is himself? Or is it the way he hurt his own children before he got help? (In interviews, Gabriel has confirmed that one reason he went into therapy is that he was struggling in his relationship with at least one of his daughters, describing himself as a “weekend father” who should have been more involved. Perhaps the therapy worked since his daughter toured with him as this video shows.)

I’m digging in the dirt
To find the places I got hurt
Open up the places I got hurt

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