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loving yourselfYouTube cut off the very first line of this clip and the first line is:

“You’re always telling me to love myself…”

OK, got it? Good.

Here’s the setup. That’s Rae (the young woman who starts the clip) and that’s Dr. Kester, her therapist. That’s all you need to know.

Now watch the clip, which is from My Mad Fat Diary (a UK show that’s pretty terrific). Remember the first line is, “You’re always telling me to love myself…”

Powerful, eh? This is something I’ve talked about with clients before and when I saw this episode I felt like it did a great job of illustrating this epiphany.

You are still who you were way back when. You still deserve kindness.

(The show looks like it’s available on YouTube — both seasons. If you came of age in the 90s you might like it especially since it takes place in 1996.)

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