Why the “adopted kids do bad in school” study is wrong

some research is bunk

Last week the Atlantic Monthly published an article titled “The Adoption Paradox” based on a similarly titled report from The Blog of the Institute of Family Studies. The gist of the report can be summed up in this paragraph from the Atlantic: As measured by their teachers, young adoptive children were more likely than biological ones to get angry easily … Read More

Writer Dan Chaon on being adopted


Last year I read Await Your Reply by Dan Chaon and I made note of this on my Kindle then but am just now going through my stored notes. Here’s what he said about his own experience as an adopted person:  For the most part I am pro-adoption, but for better or worse it’s definitely a form of identity theft, … Read More

Support for Adoptive Parents


For adoptive parents, discussing adoption with their children is a lifelong conversation starting (hopefully) as soon as they arrive to the family and continuing on for the rest of their lives.

Adoption Academy this Monday

At the airport on our way to an adoption conference in Portland in 2008.

We adoptive parents tend to seek each other out for information and support and sometimes that’s appropriate but if we don’t widen our cultural view we run into the danger of assuming that our vantage point is the only one or the most right one.