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My big move

As some of you know, I recently moved my office just across the street. I moved for several reasons but the biggest was that maintenance on my old building was becoming an issue for my clients and for me and I wanted to give the people who come to see me a better experience than that.

My new office has the same conveniences of my old location (easy access to 71, 270 and 315 — close to the grocery, library and shopping) but there’s greater privacy, better snow removal and better natural light. (Ok, that last one is something I probably notice more than my clients but boy am I enjoying getting to see outside more!)

I also have more space in the playroom, which makes it easier to work with the wriggly kids who might need to roll, tumble or stretch out while they play. I’ve only been there a week but already I can see how this is going to benefit therapy sessions with my youngest clients and that’s been enough to make the move worth it.

I have to tell you that when I began planning my practice in 2012 I was eyeing the office space I’m in now but it wasn’t available when it finally came time to sign a lease. My dad used to work on the 2nd and then 1st floor when my family moved here in 1978 and my siblings and I loved going in with him on weekends to play on his secretary’s electric typewriter and draw with her fine-tipped Flair pens; I have good memories of that building. So I was very excited to find just the right space available when it came time to leave my old office.

I’ve been posting pics everywhere and I’m going to post some here, too. Click to make bigger!

Growing Healthy Kids: Voices of Ohio’s Children

Kids Health ConferenceI recently got word that my proposal for the 2015 Kids Health Conference for Voices of Ohio’s Children was accepted. My session, Growing Healthy Kids: Looking Beyond Weight as a Measure of Health, will share research about supporting kids’ health without relying on anti-obesity rhetoric. I will share the recent research about what we know about kids, weight, and health along with ways families can support kids in both their physical and mental health.

This is a hard sell for a lot of people who believe that obesity is the enemy and that kids need to be protected from that enemy at all costs. The problem is that the “obesity epidemic” is a lot more complicated and recent research shows that our well-intentioned efforts may be doing more harm than good.

Some of you may have read the article I wrote about this a few years back (you can find it here: Weighing Down Our Children) and I’ll be sharing some of that info but updated and with more information about things we can do to help our kids be healthy without demonizing differently sized bodies.

The conference is May 6th and 7th and my session is on the second day. The conference will take place at The Westin Columbus and there are CEUs available for social workers (but not counselors — frustrating! maybe that’ll change).

You can register by going here.

I may offer the same workshop in my office at some point so let me know if you might be interested. (You can contact me here.)

Instagram and Credit Cards

I went and got myself a smart phone so I can take credit cards in the office (thank you Square!) so I decided to try out this new-fangled Instagram the kids are doing. You can follow me here. The above is a picture of the sand tray after a play (versus a therapy — the child present in the office was not/is not a client) session. Those are Playmobil horses. The blue paint in the sand tray lets kids see the space as the whole world surrounded by sea and sky.

I’m still getting the hang of Square. It’s a little bit tricky and having a lower level (i.e., basement) office means my reception isn’t all that great. We tried sharing wifi with Gabe Howard on the third floor but it wouldn’t reach all the way down to me. So after thinking on it and comparing costs we decided our best bet was for Building Family Counseling to invest in an iPhone. Which also means I can now get texts, which is a whole new thing for me. (I’ll need to rewrite my social media policy!)

In any case, I can now take cash, checks AND credit cards for payment in the office. This will be much more convenient, I know!

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