Shrinking Women

The Therapeutic Moment today is a tough one and there is so much going on in this poem: Siblings and how our experiences in our families can be very different; how we see what our parents do more than we hear what they say; the parental legacy of dieting. It’s a nice piece of work and there are lots of …

Dr. Katja Rowell: Obesity fear-mongering

“We know there is a problem with how we feed our kids as a society. I see it more as a crisis in feeding all our kids. A crisis in our relationship with food. There are many larger kids who are healthy and we are misdiagnosing them. Our emphasis on weight and weight loss is not healthy for anyone.” Read more in the second part of our 5-part interview series with Dr. Katja Rowell, author of Love Me, Feed Me!

Introducing Dr. Katja Rowell: A 5-part series

This is the start of a 5-part interview series with Dr. Katja Rowell author of Love Me, Feed Me! and whose consulting service, The Feeding Doctor, focuses on helping families learn about healthy, happy eating. Finding non-alarmist nutrition information for kids is a challenge and her commonsense, respectful approach has been a huge boon to me and I hope to you.