Dr. Katja Rowell: Finding healthy allies

“In medical training, there was a whole area of science and data that I was never even exposed to. I truly believed that BMI, misery and death were linearly related. It’s a horrible disservice to patients, and I fear it’s getting worse rather than better with all the focus on obesity.” Read more in the fourth of our 5-part series with Dr. Katja Rowell, author of Love Me, Feed Me!

Introducing Dr. Katja Rowell: A 5-part series

This is the start of a 5-part interview series with Dr. Katja Rowell author of Love Me, Feed Me! and whose consulting service, The Feeding Doctor, focuses on helping families learn about healthy, happy eating. Finding non-alarmist nutrition information for kids is a challenge and her commonsense, respectful approach has been a huge boon to me and I hope to you.