Parenting Tips: Loving Our Messy Kids

One of my children really liked to make messes when she was small. You take a kid who is curious, who is sensory seeking and who is creative and you get a lot of messes. (Many of you are nodding and sighing and wringing out a sponge ready to clean up your own child’s brand new mess.) This child of mine used to find new ways to use things in weird ways that cause messes. This is how I dealt with it.

Dr. Katja Rowell: Rethinking our own bad patterns

“The beauty of working with kids’ feeding issues is that parents are highly motivated to do well by their children. I know I have been much kinder to myself since having a daughter. I would be upset if she wasted her time and energy hating herself if she weighed five pounds more than she wanted. I have to extend that same love to myself.” Read more in the third part of our 5-part interview series with Dr. Katja Rowell, author of Love Me, Feed Me!

Introducing Dr. Katja Rowell: A 5-part series

This is the start of a 5-part interview series with Dr. Katja Rowell author of Love Me, Feed Me! and whose consulting service, The Feeding Doctor, focuses on helping families learn about healthy, happy eating. Finding non-alarmist nutrition information for kids is a challenge and her commonsense, respectful approach has been a huge boon to me and I hope to you.