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The Gospel According to Darkness

There’s no official video for this song; this one is fan-made. I used to listen to this song when the album first came out and just cry my head off. But good crying. Cathartic crying.

The whole album is one of my all-time favorites because it’s so beautiful — dealing with death and healing. But this song hit me so hard that even now I can’t put the CD on and just let it play (ok, I don’t listen to CDs anymore because it’s all ripped to my iTunes but this song is unchecked so it doesn’t show up unexpectedly in shuffle).

It’s the lyrics below that bring me to tears, the idea that we were all brand new babies once and that a part of us is still that vulnerable, that fragile and hopeful.

Oh, my sweet sweet darlin’…
What? you know when you open up your eyes?
Oh, I’m afraid there wont be anyone there
I’m beaming you all this light
Something’s happening…
Who is it?
I’m holding my sweet mama in my arms
Is she dying?
No, I think she’s just been born
And she looks so… sweet…
And she looks so… hopeful
And she looks so… trusting

Love is the Best Art of All

The Moth is a story slam radio show that airs on WOSU 89.7 every Saturday at 2pm but you can also catch it at the web site or via podcast. It’s not the kind of show you can have on in the background while you’re making dinner or cleaning house because you’ll end up sitting down at the kitchen table, listening hard, and your rice will burn and your laundry will be left damp and wrinkled while it waits for you to remember to hang it on the line.

This week’s Therapeutic Moment share is Joyce Maynard’s story, Love is the Best Art of All. It’s about trying to heal our broken hearts by living out do-overs with our children, about martyring ourselves to our kids with the very best intentions, and about how sometimes we create greater hurts because we’re trying so hard to make sure they are never hurt at all.

You can watch her tell it in the embedded video below or you can read another less raw version of it here.

A band in butterfly wings

I’m (way) too old to be a hipster but I like some of that hipster music any way. The first song is lovely, a whole story in just a few short minutes. The second song is wonderful, too (heck, I like the whole album), but I’m sharing the video for that first small song.

I like watching the live version because everyone is wearing wings.

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