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If you need a movie

Lars and the Real Girl is an unusual feel good movie. It stars Ryan Gosling as a young man who brings home one of those giant, realistic sex dolls and makes her his girlfriend. Despite Bianca’s origins, this is a squeaky-clean film (it’s PG-13) and absolutely lovely. It’s streaming on Netflix right now so if you can, hurry up and catch it before they send it back to DVD purgatory.

It’s one of those movies that’ll make you happy-cry, which can be a very good thing on a day when you’re needing a therapeutic moment.

On doing nothing and failure

James Murphy used to feel pretty lousy about his life so he got therapy and then he became LCD Soundsystem. He’s like the best before and after story ever, right? We can use him on all of our promotional posters.

This interview shares his epiphany that doing nothing was a lousy way to avoid failure because you can learn by failing and you don’t learn much by doing nothing. You have to make the leap of faith.

Hat tip to 99U for the video.

Now I’m going to listen to I Can Change over and over again. (I love LCD Soundsystem because the songs sound like all the music I was dancing to in the eighties.)

Where in the hell is Matt?

If you haven’t seen this video yet then I am righting a terrible wrong. If you have already seen this video (and it’s been viral since before viral was a word used for popular) there is no reason not to watch it again. It’s a terrific reminder that we’re all in this together.

p.s. He has videos from 2006 until now but this one — filmed in 2008 — is my favorite probably because it’s the first one I saw.

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