Hi, I’m Dawn.

* I am not taking new clients at the moment *

I work with individuals who are struggling and help parents learn how to take good care of themselves and their children. 

If you are having a rough time or your kids are driving you crazy or you’re just ready for things to be different, I can help. I offer counseling to help you make decisions that honor your values and your unique needs; discover resources to ease your journey; confront past experiences that get in your way of being the best person you can be; and create stronger supports to help you thrive.

Currently I am enrolling participants for a 6-week online class on setting better boundaries called Bounded Compassion. The course offers weekly do-at-your-own pace lessons and assignments and has an accompanying message board. I am available via that board and through private message. This is a virtual educational support group and is NOT a substitute for counseling. It is not covered by HIPAA laws and cannot be paid for by insurance. If you are interested in learning more, you can go here to check it out.

You can contact me at 614-301-8030 (text or leave a voicemail — I rarely answer my phone since it’s turned off while I’m with clients) or use the form below. I will get back to you using the same medium you use to contact me. (Please note that this email form is not HIPAA compliant. Please do not share any sensitive medical information.)