Columbus Child Counseling

In my office we talk, we play, we create art and we celebrate strengths while shoring up weaknesses.

When I am working with a child, I am working with the whole family. I know that the only thing harder than being a kid is raising one and I focus on therapeutic interventions that will help both parent and child create new, healthier dynamics within their relationship.

I work with kids and families who are struggling with anger, anxiety, ADHD, adoption issues, abuse histories, abandonment, death, divorce, blended families, self esteem, body image, difficulty adjusting to moving, starting school or the birth of a sibling. I have special expertise in working with homeschooling (and unschooling) families.

Please note: The Ohio Revised Code, which oversees the licensed practice of counselors, dictates that divorced families supply a copy of their custody agreement for my records before I can work with that family's child. Unless the custody agreement says otherwise, I need permission from both parents to begin counseling and both parents have the right to access their child's medical records. In order to preserve the therapeutic relationship and stay in my scope of practice, I do NOT testify in court re., custody cases. If you are looking for someone to help determine appropriate custody, ask your lawyer for a referral to a custody evaluator (someone with unique training and expertise in making recommendations in the best interests of the child). My license absolutely forbids me from making custody recommendations.

At the first appointment, I like to speak with parents alone to hear more about what’s going, what you’ve tried, what’s working and what isn’t working.

I have a fully stocked play therapy room and work with preschoolers on up through teens. Some children like to meet me before we have an official session and I am happy to accommodate this. I can schedule a quick ten or fifteen minute hello with your child before we begin our work together. You can also show them pictures of the office (see below) and ask them what they think they’d like to do when they come visit.

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