Columbus Infertility Counseling

Whether or not you have an official infertility diagnosis I can help you with the emotional challenges — the grief, anxiety, anger and depression — that come when you are struggling to build your family. I understand that infertility impacts your entire life — your identity; your attachment to your body; your ideas about family; your feelings of self-worth; and your relationships with your partner, family, and friends.

I offer a safe space to share your hardest, most difficult feelings and I do so without judgment or bias. I will help you make your way through this crisis.

I offer infertility counseling that can help you:

  • Become educated about your choices;
  • Consider your treatment options;
  • Make decisions about treatment that honor your personal history;
  • Process your experience as an individual or as a couple;
  • Cope with your depression and anxiety around family-building;
  • Identify resources to help you in your journey;
  • Move towards resolution in your infertility experience.

I help clients who have experienced miscarriage and pregnancy loss, secondary infertility, and the impact infertility has on current or future pregnancy and parenting.

No matter how much you are hurting right now, I promise you that you will not always hurt this much.

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I am currently not taking new clients but have pulled together this list to help you in your search for the right therapist. As I say in that list, you are welcome to ask me for referrals and I'll do my best but please be patient with me because my full practice means that I do get behind on my email sometimes. (Who am I kidding -- often.)