Columbus Parenting Counseling

I help parents manage both the ordinary as well as the extraordinary challenges of parenting. I help clients make value-centered decisions that reflect their hopes and dreams for their families as well as giving basic parenting support.

I offer a safe space to share your struggles always with the understanding that there are many, many ways to be a good parent. I listen without judgment or bias and strive to help you become the parent you want to be and that your child needs.

I work with individuals and I also help couples who are arguing about parenting decisions figure out what they need to do to get on the same page. Building a cohesive system for dealing with parenting challenges will help you raise a stronger, healthier family no matter what happens next. .

I offer parenting counseling that can help you:

  • Make decisions that honor your values as well as your child’s unique needs and temperament;
  • Discover new resources to make your parenting journey easier;
  • Confront past experiences that may get in the way of your being the best parent you can be;
  • Create practical coping mechanisms for your greatest parenting challenges.

Please note: Ohio law does not allow me to make custody recommendations in or out of court. It is outside of my scope of practice to testify about custody matters and I will not go to court for clients. If you are looking for support around legal custody ask your lawyer for a referral to a custody evaluator. This is a specially trained therapist who is legally allowed to make recommendations in the best interest of the child. 

Parenting is hard; we all deserve respectful help and information that truly makes sense for our unique families, our unique children and our unique selves.

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